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Wednesday 29 July 2009

Another project...1979 124 Spider

1979 124 Spider.Designed by Pininfarina.
I bought this back in '91 as an import from California and it was my main transport through to 1998.
Taken us on trips to Europe including the '95 Monaco GP and also to Magny Cours for the GP there in 2001.
The engine's great but I do need to put in some work on the suspension and bodywork.
Might need to sell a few watches!!!

Thursday 23 July 2009

11630 GMT on a G/F bracelet

You'd think it would be easy swapping the G/F bracelet from one 11630 to another...
No way; the holes on the 11630T are more centred whereas on the GMT they're nearer the top of the case.
Anyway its on and pretty comfortable :-)

Wednesday 22 July 2009

11630 GMT

Today I'm wearing my Autavia 11630GMT.This one's on a genuine Heuer plated bracelet which is quite heavy but looks great.
TBH, I'm usually pretty reluctant to wear this bracelet as it's a minter and I'm scared of scratching it!

The Pepsi bezel colours are still strong and the yellow GMT hand really stands out.
The GMT hand is not independently settable - instead you rotate the bezel to indicate the 2nd timezone.
The movement is a Cal.14.

Tuesday 21 July 2009

11630 Pushers fixed...

Had a problem where the lower pusher stuck out too far and was slightly wobbly.
Anyway, uncased the movement, dismantled and cleaned the pusher assembly. Removed a whole load of dried up loctite(?!) from inside the cap, reassembled it and it's now perfect.
Good job I did this actually as a)was in danger of losing the pusher cap itself and b)might never have noticed that the 'skilled watchmaker' that serviced the watch last year hadn't properly fitted the plates that hold the movement tight into the case!
Now my 2nd favourite Heuer :-)

Friday 17 July 2009

Siffert Autavia 1163T gets a new blue sweep hand

Nice new hand fitted this evening. The one it replaced wasn't original and looked slightly the wrong colour.Usual prep went into this operation...a dust-free work area, a small beer for the nerves and no caffeine for at least 4 hours :-)
This is a Cal.11 Siffert with the later dial (1 through 12 on the hour subdial).

Wednesday 15 July 2009

New 'old' Monaco box

I managed to find this original, vintage, wooden box for my favourite Monaco The base lifts out using a small silk tab at the back for storing papers underneath.
The 'C' holder has 2 flaps that can support the watch raised to display it or just tuck inside to keep the watch in place when the lid's shut.

Tuesday 14 July 2009


Wearing this 11630 today.
Swapped the chipped crown last week, stuck a G/F bracelet on and loving it :-)Real hardwearing, chunky, substantial watch with a mineral crystal and not plastic. Another difference from the 1163 is that the pushers are concealed from the front where they enter the case...That reminds me, going to replace 1 of the pushers that just won't tighten far enough.

Sunday 12 July 2009

1163 Viceroy

So, sold this one over on ebay last week...Now I see the buyer's split the box, bracelet and watch up and reselling them himself at a whole lot more (under a week later btw!)...lesson learned there...need to rethink my pricing strategy if I'm gonna be a big wheel in the world of international watch trading...or maybe not, think I'll stick to the day job!