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Hi, thanks for dropping by - I've moved over to wordpress and I'm no longer maintaining this one.
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Friday 27 July 2012

TFI Friday...

So, £25 for 12 Tuskers = £2.08 per beer :-)
25 divided by 12; align the outer scale 25 with the inner scale 12 (well, ok 1.2) and the answer is the figure on the outer scale to which the arrow on the inner scale points - Easy! and also a bargain at that price, must buy some more!

Saturday 21 July 2012

Summer comes to Scotland @ Last, 2012

So, almost a year to the day since the sunshine decided to make an appearance last year, its back again :-)
Long may it stay.
Same watch too!
 Last year - http://24heuer.blogspot.co.uk/2011/07/summer-last.html

Friday 13 July 2012

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Latest Project - Heuer Autavia 7763

OMG! Where to begin?
Looks a lot of fun though :-)
I am a sucker for a sad watch though! :-)

Saturday 7 July 2012

Heuer Monza - Spot The Differences...

look closely, more than the obvious and more than you'd think...:-)
With a little help I counted 10 -
1)Movement (ok, that's too obvious!)
3)Red 5 minute markers
4)Fonts -'10, 20, 30', 'AUTOMATIC...', 'SWISS'
5)LH subdial hand
6)'SWISS' position
7)Date surround
8)Lume dots
9)Lume @ 9
10)'HEUER' shield size

Not bad for 2 watches that at 1st glance could pass for doubles.
If I keep looking I might start spotting differences that aren't really there now :-)