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Monday 19 October 2009

Monaco 1133B Transitional - pretty rare!

Update..OK, since this post there have been a few others turn up, most in far better condition - so, no longer in the top 10, still rare though! I also finally found those hands at last - see post here. Andy 01/11

Wow, I didn't appreciate how rare my Transitional 1133B actually is.
There's a list of early Monacos over @ OTD and this one's in the top 10!

Still need to find those hands though!
Followed lots of leads but all end up @ a dead end!!!!!

Sunday 18 October 2009

11630 Lug holes...

I had a hard time recently swapping a regular G/F bracelet from a 11630T onto a GMT.
In fact, I nearly speared my hand in the process!!! :-)

Above is a shot of the hole in the GMT lug and below the 11630T.
So, the lugs are deeper on the GMT.
Maybe this is the reason for the HLF/HLD end-pieces.
I'm guessing the HLD is more suitable for the GMT style lug.
Or maybe the G/F just isn't appropriate for this type of case...

Autavia fest...

Had the Autavias out this morning to log the serial numbers so seemed like a good opportunity for a group shot...Clockwise from the top left is 2446C/GMT, 11630GMT,11630T,1163GMT, early 1163T Siffert and later 1163T Siffert.

Thursday 8 October 2009

Autavia Ref. 2446C GMT, shiny new bezel...

OK, I'm kidding - its just an after-market bezel insert for a 1163 resting on top of the old one :-)
Thing is with the 2446 bezels, they're one-piece with the numbers printed (or dyed?) onto the bezel itself unlike the 1163 for example which has a separate bezel insert.

I am actually tempted to shave a bit off the base of the insert and stick it on though as what's there already is so faded - purists would be horrified but its stopping me wearing the watch as it is and I can always remove it later anyway.
This is really common feature/problem and its rare to find one with the original strong colours it left the factory with...

Wednesday 7 October 2009

Montreal style bracelet on Autavia 11630

Heuer Montreal style bracelet.
Part of a trade with a OTD regular.
Much lighter that the more common plated bracelet and also the clasp stretches via a spring much like the NSA Monaco bracelets.
It's a much more fitting accessory than the G/F rice style that suits the 1163 case better (IMO that is :-))

Friday 2 October 2009

Autavia 1163 GMT, post-cleanup!

So, here's the GMT that arrived yesterday, bought from a guy in New York.
This shot's as it was out of the packaging...
As you can see the glass was pretty scuffed up taking the shine off the dial.
Removing the bezel revealed years of gunge and dirt etc.
Removed the pushers which were pretty bunged up too.
After a bl**dy good clean, popped the movement back in.
And, really pleased with the results :-)

Thursday 1 October 2009

Autavia 1163 GMT

Just arrived - 1163 GMT. Looks pretty good - I'll give it a good clean and see what we've got...