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Thursday 24 November 2011

Breitling Auto-Time 1651

Something a bit different.
The vintage Heuer motor racing timers are getting so expensive now I was delighted to stumble across this beauty over the weekend.
Love the strong colours.

Sunday 20 November 2011

Heuer Montreal, work in progress

I picked up this Cal12 Montreal on eBay last week.
Not working and in need of a tiny bit of TLC.
Anyway, turns out it needs nothing more than some case clamps to secure the movement, correct sweep hand, fix the chrono reset and a case tidy up.
As you can see the case was a bit beat up.
Here's the work so far...

Tidies up pretty well though with a few hours work :-)

Tuesday 1 November 2011

TAG Heuer Monaco CS2110 - the watch that sparked an obsession!

Back in 1998 I was into Breitlings and not even vintage ones!
A job move to Amsterdam saw me passing through Heathrow Airport on a fairly regular basis.
One day I was on my way to the aircraft, drifting by the tax-free shops, when something stopped me dead in my tracks!
It was the new re-edition Monaco ref CS2110.
There were pictures of Steve McQueen and Jo Siffert on the back of a motorcycle looking like the coolest guys on the planet, ever!
I had to have one.
Subconsciously I must've seen Monacos before because it just seemed the perfect watch and felt 'right'.
This is the watch that led me down the vintage Heuer path to where I am today.
Anyway, this week I got a new arrival, and it looks and feels superb.
I've had re-editions before and haven't really been that keen to be honest but the CS2110 is different and I love it :-)
Looks even better on a vintage corfam.
The series was limited to 5000 pieces and recent demand has seen prices rise steadily so my advice is to buy one now before they go too high.