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Sunday 21 February 2010

124 Spider - Vitaloni Californian Mirrors...

Not 100% sure if I like them but we'll see...(well, behind anyway!).Good thing is they cover the holes left by the originals :-)
Look great from this angle.
No idea how good they are to drive with yet though :-)

124 Spider - WOW!!! Suspension and brakes sorted...

Eternally grateful to Martin Scott, a complete Italian car nut also based in Edinburgh.
Despite currently completing a major rebuild on his own Spider, including fitting an Integrale engine and doing a RHD conversion, he stepped in to save me and has done an amazing job on all 4 corners of the suspension and brakes.

The wishbones/swing arms etc were removed, blasted. painted and baked before refitting.New track-rod ends.Brake flexi'sNew shocks and springs all roundBrake calipers rebuilt and new discs and pads all round too.The car is noticeably lower at the rear.So, hats off to Martin - a great job and not a single complaint despite all the extra problems he ran into along the way. I'll endeavor to carry on the good work :-)

Saturday 13 February 2010

Loving the 11063V/P

Yep, saw DC's ad for the Decomp bezel and couldn't resist :-)
Missed my 11630P ever since I sold it so this goes a long way to compensating.
Nice to have both options.

Sunday 7 February 2010

More photos of my 11630T

Sorry not much time for blogging lately but here are some new pics of my 11630 anyway...