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Tuesday 29 May 2012

1 new arrival and 'Le Frog' gets new hands.

I do like these 11063V models.
So today I received this particular Viceroy style and also took a bit of time out to swap the hands on 'Le Frog'.
The Viceroy has a great case with good grain and nice sharp edges.
It also came on a very good jubilee bracelet - bonus!

Friday 25 May 2012

TFI Friday...

Heuer Monaco Tranny. Tusker.

124 Spider project

 So with the Spider nearly complete it might be time to look in Mrs AndyO's garage...
And below, Project Tango before she was consigned to the garage.

Don't feel sorry for her though...she's a rascal and beneath that tiny, innocent exterior beats a 650cc motor that when fully prepped will go like SOAS! She'll be fighting fit again before too long, hopefully - if I can get passed all those boxes first that is :-)

Thursday 24 May 2012

Can't beat a well worn Corfam!

I've got several NOS or minty corfam straps but this is my absolute favourite :-)
It's the watch/strap combo I've worn most often over the last few years hence the lovely condition - patina on Corfam - is that even possible? :-)
It suits the Monaco perfectly.

Sunday 20 May 2012

124 Spider - Front wings sorted and dash clock added!

So I finally got my front wings/fenders sorted- yippeeee.
I also replaced the fogged quartz dash clock with a nice new Veglia oil pressure gauge some time back. (see here)
Perfect opportunity to also add my new Heuer dash clock :-)

Saturday 12 May 2012

124 Spider - Wings fixed at last!

So today finally collected the spider with the front wings sorted and wow! what a job!
So, over to Stuart Gray  @ Gray's Garage in Gorgie.
Stuart was not in favour of using the glass fibre wings from Belgium and reckoned he could work with what was there already.
He did a great job cutting out all of the rusty bits, plating over the old bumper/vents etc and repainting the front.
I gather it was quite a job lining up the new sidelamp/indicators :-)
Really pleased and the journey back was fantastic :-)
I'd forgotton how great the sound of a petrol engine with that carb was.
I've been using my Diesel Landy for sooooooooooooo long now!

Saturday 5 May 2012

Autavia 111.603 'Le Frog'

Heuer Autavia 111.603 PVD Olive Green
Only problem is the missing lume dropped off the hour hand - OK it isn't missing, it's floating around the dial!
The back is marked 111.603 however its obviously the same case as the 11063 as that's what's between the lugs.
I love the worn edges etc. - If it was NOS I'd never be able to wear the thing would I? :-)
Oh yeah, came with the original bracelet too which is heavily worn.
The original box and papers are a mix of TAG (box & guarantee) and Heuer (instruction manual) which is correct for the year.