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Sunday 11 April 2010

124 Spider - New Carb, blood, sweat, tears, water, joy! 34ADF

At last I got round to doing something I've wanted to do for ages - that's bin the horrible, filthy, pipe infested Weber ADHA/manifold setup and replace it with a nice 34ADF/manifold installation.
What started out as a seemingly easy job soon turned out to be a bit of a project and a race against time to get the job done before my boys' birthdays.
Main problem was the replacement manifold gasket had a small patch of coating missing and just wasn't permitting a good seal.
Working late at night in poor lighting meant it went unnoticed until it was on.
This caused no end of stress trying to find out exactly where the leak was coming from.
The problem was compounded by the (in)accessability of 2 of the manifold bolts that would bring swear words from a nun!
Final issue was a faulty idle cut-off solenoid which was replaced with the one from the aforementioned ADHA.
Setting up was relatively easy following Brad Artigue's excellent guides.
Anyway here are the photos...

New carb and manifold from above.
Fortunately I checked before buying that this one had the outlet for the distributor advance.
You can also see the newly 'manufactured' dipstick bracket - handy threaded hole on the new manifold provided an excellent anchor point.Pesky solenoid!
Those of a nervous disposition look away now!

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