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Saturday 18 September 2010

Patience finally pays off!

So finally I got a set of correct hands for my transitional Monaco :-)

This is how I received the watch over 18 months ago.
Yeah its a bit rough round the edges and the dial's a bit crazy but I love it and it's now my lucky watch.
So with this in mind I really wanted to do what I could to bring it back to life.
Things like missing blocking lever, dodgy glass and terrible case were all pretty easily resolved but it was the hands that were the most difficult problem for me.

So 1st stage was to replace the main hands. These took a bit of time to find but still weren't correct.I think they were service hands and the red sweep hand was too long.
I then managed to find a new set of sub-dial hands and a more appropriate set of hour, minute, sweep hands.
And finally, after losing count of how many false leads I've followed, thanks to a top OTDer we have the steel, square ended hands :-)
Thanks Abel!

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