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Wednesday 23 September 2009

Autavia 2446c GMT

Circa 1968 Autavia 2446c GMT. The suffix 'c' is for compression type caseback.

Managed to source a box and correct bracelet but on me it looks and feels so much better on a NATO.

I did run into difficulties a few years back tracking down an hour wheel for the 24hr hand.
The V/J 72-4 is quite a rare find these days and I was on the verge of cannibalizing an old Enicar Jet-Graph for spares - fortunately one turned up just in time :-)
Also the same movement in a Zodiac and Breitling of the late 60's.

UPDATE: 23rd June 2010 - Back from service @ TAG with shiny new bezel http://24heuer.blogspot.com/2010/06/2446c-gmt-back-from-tag-heuer-mixed.html


  1. Where do you find an aftermarket bezel for a 2446c??? I have an autavia with a nice original bezel--and I'm almost afraid to wear it for fear of damaging the bezel.

  2. wish I knew...
    there was one on ebay around a year ago for > €400.
    i thought that was outrageous at the time so bailed out - kicking myself now mind!