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Friday 25 September 2009


Yeah really, Quartz!
This is a great daily wearer.
This boy goes places the Monacos would never dare...no problems working on the Land Rover, doing the garden, even going for a swim.

In fact I was delighted when I accidentally chipped the steel case meaning I no longer needed to worry about scratching or denting it :-)
It's actually a pretty cool watch...look at the length of the tail on that second hand! Magic!
Heuer Quartz 200M Professional - Reference No.980.006


  1. Could you please sell me your 980.006!? I have one that no longer works and can't find anyone to fix it. I bought mine when I was 13, thirty years ago.

    Seriously! 617-669-5312

  2. sorry m8, this one's not for sale...:-)
    keep an eye on ebay as they often crop up.