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Sunday 18 October 2009

11630 Lug holes...

I had a hard time recently swapping a regular G/F bracelet from a 11630T onto a GMT.
In fact, I nearly speared my hand in the process!!! :-)

Above is a shot of the hole in the GMT lug and below the 11630T.
So, the lugs are deeper on the GMT.
Maybe this is the reason for the HLF/HLD end-pieces.
I'm guessing the HLD is more suitable for the GMT style lug.
Or maybe the G/F just isn't appropriate for this type of case...

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  1. Update...
    Ok, I did a bit of measuring and both cases are identical in size with the exception of the thickness of the lugs and position of the holes.
    I also tried a HLD on the GMT but this was just as difficult to fit as the HLF!