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Saturday 13 November 2010

Something a bit different. Rolex 16800. Not for Sale, again!

Here's something a bit different. I put it away for a while, forget about it, think of selling it, wear it for a week and practically have to wrench it off again!!
It's addictive...
This is the last of the matte dial subs and being a late 80's number, it's the last of the last!
The 16800 is known as a transitional model (what is it with me and transitional models?!:-)) as it bridges the gap between the old 1680, plastic crystal (sexy-plexi), matte dial etc and the proper crystal, non-tritium lume, white gold surrounds to come.
Nice crema markers and bezel dot.
Doesn't miss a beat and utterly reliable.
Yes Rolex are mass produced, perceived to be worn by attention seekers and those that should know better, but...due to the constant revisions and minor detail changes it's still possible to find something with a bit of uniqueness.

So, not for sale, again, well for now anyway :-)
Actually what about a nice 1680 sub...

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